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Revolutionary War militia reenactors at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park But this money did not have the trust of the business people and had very little value. American soldiers also took supplies from the British army. When the war began, American soldiers used the weapons from their state's militia.

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Our Hot Finds section has been very serious of late so it's time for a little unabashed silliness. This old trick from master illusionist David Copperfield is hardly a Hot Find but even today, it can still shock the unwary. I recall the first time I saw this trick; I was momentarily stunned and flabbergasted. You may be too but after a little reflection you will find yourself smiling in admiration at its simple cleverness.

If you have some fun or light hearted items to contribute send them to me using the site contact form in the left sidebar. They probably won't feature here in "Hot Finds" but rather on our frivolous and well hidden " Complete Waste of Time " page. You will get full credit for any contribution. Now a magician never reveals his secrets so please don't leave a comment below saying how it works.

Instead let folks work it out for themselves. Click here. Skip to main content. Do however leave a comment saying how long it took you to discover the solution.

Clever Card Tricks That Anyone Can Do (Maxwell) – First Edition

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Best Free Antivirus for Android. This is repeated with the rest of cards.

3 Easy Magic Tricks

It is best to snap a rubber band around the newspaper and hat thus holding the covered surface of hat, tight so you can plunge your hand in readily. This is very simple to be sure, but very, very effective. Try it. Nine indifferent cards are now placed on the top of these cards.

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Spread out the cards to show that they are all different and unprepared. If youre able to give the cards a false shuffle or a false cut do so, but do not disturb the prearranged portion of the deck.

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You now spread or fan the cards taking care to expose to the view of your audience only the six cards that have been pre-arranged, the other cards not having been spread out of course cannot be distinguished. The spectator is now requested to think of, and remember any card that he happens to look at. The deck is now closed and if you wish give it another false cut or shuffle and hand it to the spectator. You now ask him to name the chosen card and to spell out the card and while doing so remove one card from the top of the deck as you call each letter as T-E-N- O-F- C-L-U-B-S, and the card reached on the last letter will be the one that has beet selected.

If desired the following cards can be used instead of the ones named above. He then asks a spectator to throw a dice and whatever number is thrown to look at the card that is located at that number from the top of the pack. For example: If number four was the number thrown with the dice the spectator looks at the fourth card from the top and remembers the name of that card and its location in the pack. The performer turns his back while this is being done so he will not have any knowledge of the number thrown with the dice or of the card that has been selected. After this has been done he requests that the dice be picked up so that he will not glimpse the number that has been used.

He again faces the audience, picks up the pack of cards which he now places behind his back with the remark that he will now re-arrange the cards and place the selected card in a certain position in the pack where it will be located later.

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  • He now produces a second dice and requests his helper to again throw the dice using both of them this time and also that it is absolutely necessary that he throw a higher number than was originally thrown. For example: If four was the original number the second throw must be five or higher. After this throw of the dice the performer again exhibits the pack with the remark: Commencing with the number which you used from the first throw of the dice and ending with the number of the second throw of the dice your card will be found at this number; for example: If four was the original throw and seven the second throw you remove the first card from the top of the pack and count four, the second card and count five, the third and count six and the fourth and count seven.

    The selected cards will appear at the count of seven. SECRET: When the performer places the cards behind his back he rearranges the cards by reversing the number of the second throw for example: As mentioned above the second throw being seven and reverse seven cards.

    It is a good idea to start reversing the cards before giving the dice for the second throw so as to have a start and not make it apparent that you are doing this after the dice have been thrown. Before giving the dice for the second throw have, say six cards reversed as the chances are that the throw will be higher than six, you are now ready and immediately when you see the number of the second throw reverse the balance needed. If the number happens to be smaller than six place back that many cards.

    Try this out and you will find that it can be repeated as often as desired and your audience will not be able to figure out how it is done. After you become proficient using the dice you can have someone mentally select the first number and then mention some number higher than the one first selected.

    3 Easy Magic Tricks | Real Simple

    This method can then be used when dice are not available. Place this card in the pack the seventh from the bottom. If you use a nine place the card ninth from the bottom. If you use a three place it third from the bottom, etc. As an illustration we will suppose that you use the seven of spades. This you reverse and place the seventh card from the bottom of the pack.

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    While the selected card is in the hands of the spectator you cut the pack, keeping the bottom half in the right hand and top half in the left hand. Have the spectator return his card to the top of the pack which you hold in your left hand Place the part of the pack that you have in your right hand on top of the selected card.

    Perform your own psychological magic with these 5 simple tricks

    You now state that you will cause a card to reverse itself in the pack and the number of spots on this reversed card will inform you just how many cards from the top of the pack the selected card will be found. If desired the pack may now be cut several times either by yourself or it can be offered to a spectator to be cut. This will not disturb your routine. You now run through the pack locating the reversed card. Cut the pack at this point, placing the reversed card which is the seven of spades on the table and inform your audience that the card you caused to be reversed has seven spots, therefore the selected card will be located the seventh card from the top of the pack.

    Count down and show that the seventh card from the top is the selected card. Diamonds and the Joker, which is always spelled, The Jolly Joker. Keep the Joker on the bottom of this set as a key card. Always keep the King of Spades on the bottom of this set. Keep the King of Clubs on the bottom of this set. The next thirteen cards are indifferent cards.

    Insert finger between the Joker and the card above it. Take the thirteen cards that were on top of deck now the bottom and hand them to one spectator. Give the next twelve cards to another helper. The King of Spades will enable you to take twelve cards without counting them. Ask still another assistant to hold the next pile.

    The King of Clubs and the cards below it are given to him. Announce that you have divided the deck into four approximately equal piles. Pick up the fourth and cut it thus bringing the Three, Seven, Eight and Queen of Diamonds into the center. You will find it an easy matter to force one of these four Cards on one of the audience.. Ask him to remember his card. Then place it on top of the cards in your hand and using the overhand shuffle bring it to the bottom.

    Now shuffle two cards below it. This will bring the chosen card third from the bottom. Meanwhile have the other three helpers each shuffle the cards they have.

    Top 3 Card Tricks You Can Learn In One Day!

    Now request the one with eleven cards to choose any card he wishes from the cards in his hand Ask him to give you the card. Show it to the audience and impress the one who chose it with the fact that he must remember it. Now place it on top of the cards you have in your hand. Have the balance of the cards placed on top of the selected card. Turn to the one with twelve cards and have him give you a card. Put it on top of the cards in your hand and once more place the balance of the cards on top. Now the last helperthe one with thirteen cardsis asked for a card.

    Ask him to remember and place it on the top of the cards in your hand. Then place the rest of the cards on top of the deck. Ask the helper who had the thirteen cards the last one the name of the card he selected.