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Revolutionary War militia reenactors at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park But this money did not have the trust of the business people and had very little value. American soldiers also took supplies from the British army. When the war began, American soldiers used the weapons from their state's militia.

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The larger portion is still called Clatterbrune House and the smaller one Clatterbrune West. I wonder if you can tell me where I might be able to access Elizabeth Greenly's diaries. I understand she visited and wrote about various country houses and estates in Herefordshire.

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I am part of a group researching the history of the Fishpool Valley at Croft and would be very interested if she wrote of any visits she made. I wonder if you could assist me regarding Walter Howorth Greenly.

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My particular interest is in the unfortunate period when he took command of the 14th Light Division in March The War Diaries make very little reference to him apart from visiting the troops along with General Couper whom he replaced, although separate visits, never together. There are a few references from FM Haig saying that he lost his head with the strain after a period of only a few days. Any help or guidance you might be able to help me with would be very gratefully received. Thank you for all this David. I wonder why he was buried in Llangristiolus, that's quite a way from where they lived.

I think Bangor University has a good oil portrait of him too. I think you mention somewhere that Elizabeth collected old Welsh books as part of her library. Thanks again, Mandi. They married in Annie studied geology informally, and was a contributor to Edward's work as an assistant and editor. She created the massive index to the Anglesey survey. Her handwritten draft, with papers strung on thread, is now in the National Museum of Wales. After the Anglesey survey, the Greenlys lived in Bangor, and worked together on a small textbook, The Earth, right before Annie's death in Edward died in , age His remains are with his wife's, in a churchyard at Llangristiolus.

Bangor University holds a small collection of papers and letters belonging to Greenly. Thank you so much for making this site. I am interested in Edward Greenly the geologist as I live on Anglesey.

David, did you know the contents of Titley library are on eBay? Can you please clarify the references you make to Anne Phillips and Edward Greenly see as the page cuts off.

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Who was Anne Phillips in relation to Sir John? Any details would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Julian I. I did not see very much on your site about the many books and magazines that Henry Greenly was involved in, namely the Model Railways and Locomotives Magazine that Henry Greenly set up with Bassett-Lowke in January I have a copy of it and also quite a few of the subsequent issues. If you would like a scan of it please let me know. He was a truly amazing man and you must feel very proud to be related to him. Best Regards Christine Sanderson. Always a pleasure to converse with a long lost cousin, especially one so well versed in our family's history.

I'll absolutely be looking up that advertising trust! Thanks ever so much for the recommendation. Hi and thanks. Your grandfather is someone I'd love to have met. He was clearly a visionary in the world of advertising. They are based in Norfolk and would be well worth a visit. Regards, David. Great site!

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  • I'm quite interested in the history contained about my family. Ive heard some of these things over the years from my grand father and father. But over all have very little information about the family before my great grand fathers untimely death following which I've been told there was some sort of confusion that lead to my grand fathers inheritance being given to some great aunt or something. And my branch of the family's subsequent move to America.

    Apparently there where some hard feelings at the time for obvious reasons, but more importantly meant I know very little about the rest of the family. Glad to see someone has recorded all of this information and made it avalible. I tried to write yesterday but think it disappeared so here goes again. I recently bought a landscape painting signed W Owen and said to have been bought from the Greenley family of titley court.

    Have you any information about this. I would love to know if there was any connection between Owen and the Greenleys or even just that they did own and then sell this picture. Please help. It may interest Greenly people that Greenly's Ltd is still owned by a Greenly. And it is flourishing as a leader in its niche. Fascinated to come across this. My grandfather worked for Greenlys advertising in I guess late 30's to 50's - no real idea. I think as an accountant. But I do have a photo of him with craven a s that I was told was an advertising shot that would tie in with one of your brands.

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    Would love to know more I have just bought a book with WH Greenly book plate and crest and signature. Any offers? It's quite a large file but you should find some information in its pages. Regards David Site Owner. Hello thank you for all the research you have done. I was wondering if you might have any information on Dr. Julian Greenlee or his father Julian Greenly who was born in Illinois around I cannot find any information on my great grandfathers father. Julian Greenlee is my direct great grandfather his daughter Marilyn Greenlee Pigott was my Grandmother. Thank you. Patrick, did you see the link to the Greenly's Video on the home page?

    Also, please click on the www. They may be able to help you. And see comments below as some relate to Greenlys Advertising. I don't know when he started or finished. The family are doing doing some research on him and his work and we'd love to know more about his time at Greenly's. So if anyone knows, or can point us in the right direct to do further research, we'd be much obliged.

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    Robert A. Just found more research for you.

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    • Greenly V. Woolen, Greenly V. Woolen was a 19 years old medical student living in the village of Lawrence in Marion County in the Census. He served in that capacity for four years. He lived in the Hospital for some time but the U. Census had him living at 20 West Ohio in Indianapolis. Hi David Greetings from New Zealand. Just discovered a second Greenly in NZ - and will try and make contact with her, I believe she is English.

      I tried to get into the part of your site " Greenlys in USA" but couldn't. Any connection to your tree? Hi It has been very interesting reading your website.

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      I know some of the Greenly history, I am related to the engineer Henry Greenly. I visited Titley, St Peter's Church and the Stagg Inn, many years ago with my parents, shortly after my Uncle investigated our family history. My parents have a picture of Edward and Louisa Greenly, as they are related to my father. Albany, September 7, Sir: My absence from this place prevented my receiving your letteruntilthisday. Major Thomas Greenly. Lord Puttnam of Queensgate, C. Hello James.

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      Unfortunately, I have no record of any visit. Kind regards, David Greenly. Good afternoon. It shows a Master of Foxhounds along with various others. I wonder if you have any record of Reed VC visiting Titley? George Davidson Greenly Jr. Wednesday, September 17 14 pm BST.